“How did you do that?  What a wedding!   Everyone loved our Humanist ceremony – laughed, cried, smiled till our jaws ached!”

I’m Dawn Rees a Humanist celebrant based in Norfolk but I travel all over the UK.  

My wedding and naming ceremonies are individual and humorous but with gravitas where it matters – just to remind you that you are marking a momentous change in your life!

The days when convention and a common-sense approach ruled  these sorts of occasions are long gone!  You can choose something different. Why not have a ceremony that reflects you and how you live your life?

Wedding day?  Vow renewal? New baby? Transition to teens? Family red-letter day?

Whatever the occasion, just contact me for a completely informal meander around your ideas and desires for your special day, and together we can make the magic happen.


Are you planning a  wedding, a renewal of your vows, a celebration of your relationship or a red- letter day that needs some structure, and a light touch? Or maybe you are looking for something very special to formally unite you and your beloved and the children from both families, or to name your child encircled by a group of your oldest friends and your family. 

I can always find a good reason to celebrate the one life we have!  Whether young, or not so young, same-sex or straight, people approach me because they want their special day to reflect who they are and how they live their life.

You might be thinking of something very simple in a quiet place with just a few guests. Or maybe you want your children to play a central and special role.  Or maybe you want a big party atmosphere with lots of people, or a reserved and structured day.  Indoors or outside, on the beach or in a garden, in your house or at a wedding venue, the possibilities and the fun you can have whilst planning your day are endless.

Head on over to the ‘Happy People’ page and you will find lots of great descriptions of how I’ve worked with couples and families to create memories that last.

I deliver tailor-made ceremonies – I never use pre-prepared scripts or slightly adapted materials. My role and my intention is to give your ideas life and make them sparkle.  It’s guaranteed to be fun and I travel all over the UK and Europe in my campervan, so wherever your ceremony – distance is not an obstacle. I’m always up for an adventure.

You might wonder what the ‘Loving’, Laughing’, Living’ headings are all about ……..  they reflect my fundamental values, so read on and you’ll see  …….  check me out and contact me.  It will be great to talk with you.

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