Adam and Laura & no more blankets love was sufficient!

I had two Humanist wedding ceremonies this week-end and both needed blankets!

The biggest stars at Adam and Laura’s (apart from the bride and groom) were the blankets and the alpacas!

But then again, it could have been the ferrets. Or the dogs. Or the kazoo’s as we hollered out All you need is Love and the bride and groom left the parade ground …… only to start another parade with a marching band and little kiddlywinks with banners and probably the longest confetti line in history.

Or maybe it was the unicorn rides. Or the wellie wanging, or the coconut shy……. here was a veritable village fete going on after the ceremony. But my, it was cold! That’s where the blankets came in. Or should we call them wraps?

Adam and Laura’s wedding was full of surprises and kept the guests guessing throughout. The ceremony was at College Farm in Thompson. This is a stunning and exclusive venue which hosts only six weddings a year – so check it out if you are looking to book next year – or 2020!

Adam and Laura first had a conversation with me when they were in Guatamala. Then I met them when they were back in London. I nearly moved in with them there and then. Stayed 5 hours. Ate cake. Played with the dog and the cat. Read poetry. Talked everything but weddings. You know how it is when you click with people! They featured on my blog earlier in the year.

So how does this sound? The bride enters being rowed along a pingo (medieval fishing lake) by her dad, having driven across the lawn in a Morgan. She managed to get out of the boat without falling in and the crowds went wild with applause.

Then she walked through the guests to Adam. And was wrapped in a blanket. There wasn’t much of the gown to keep her warm, to be honest – just a beautiful gauzy fabric gown from White Reflections in Norwich.

Adam was waiting for her, so proud, eyes full of tears and a grin from ear to ear. And so it progressed through the ceremony, with surprises, You’ve got a Friend sung by guests, a beautiful Gaelic poem read by Adam’s dad, and wedding vows written by the couple. All the aunties loved it!

Auntie loved it! & she had a blanket!

This wedding was a fantastic production by Adam and Laura – and a beautiful symbiotic collaboration between the best providers Norfolk has to offer, College Farm, Frog and Pencil did the graphics, Dotties Events the marquees and tents, The Little Lending Company did the fete props and beautiful decorations, Swaffham Flowers for bouquets and corsage. Dawn Rees Ceremonies. And of course the inimitable Chris Giles Photography – one of the top 3 UK wedding photographers, all the way from Somerset.

Humanist weddings are such fun and so many of the guests were excited by its originality, fun and dignity, and that it was written specifically for this couple. No cut and pasting goes on in my ceremonies! We had a ball. And in the end the sun shone. Now I feel tired and emotional. Let’s do it all again Kathryn Wolstenholme of College Farm!!