“You said take your time and talk to other celebrants too. That was generous. But we didn’t need to. Having talked to you we knew we just clicked with you. The laughter made all the difference!”

Laughing and having fun keeps me alive.  Let’s face it – life can be so serious.   I make it my mission to lighten it up a bit! 

Finding out more about you is fun, too.  My conversations with couples happen in all sorts of places and in all sorts of ways, but a sense of humour is always present.  I’ve met couples in hotel rooms, at high-end venues with champagne on tap, through wedding planners, by Skype and Facetime, in caravans, eating cake and drinking coffee in my office, or sat under blankets with my feet toasting on a hot water bottle in a to-be-renovated cottage, or walking on the beach followed by hot chocolate in my campervan.  I’ll ask you ridiculous questions and you’ll tell me the most ridiculous things that have happened to you, as well as the most significant. 

The rationale for all this is for me to locate the ‘inner you’  that your people will recognise and then write a ceremony that tells your true story.  The one about who you are.  The best feedback I can get is when a guest says to me “you really got them’! 

 The ability to be curious, to engage, to listen, to laugh; the ability to write and to perform is what differentiates a good celebrant from a great celebrant!


Together we create a bit of magic – combining a setting, the ‘feel’, the words, symbols and ritual and the music chosen by you that guarantees everyone –  especially you – will drift home with magical memories.

Being a Humanist celebrant is a cross between being a good listener, a thought explorer, a dream weaver, a writer and a performer!

If you are looking for a celebrant with style then look no further.


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