Wedding couple feedback from Kat and Guy

Celebrants work best with feedback from couples. How else would we improve what we do? I always ask couples to let me know what working with me was like – could I have responded quicker, given them more information, choice, time?

Kat and Guy’s wedding was outside in a stunning setting. Their feedback set me back on my heels – but not only because it was lovely.

When I work with couples I try very hard to seek clarity about what they are seeking, what are they dreaming about, what makes them tick.

Then I try and reflect their emotions and their ideas back to them – it is a method I use as a professional coach too.

So when I had this feedback from Kat and Guy – and I know it was genuine – all I could think (apart from ‘how lovely’) was “but this was you, not me!”

“You are a wonderful woman, full of the essential joy of life that I aspire to feel in mine and ours as much as I can. Thank you for sharing that with us and for all your kindness, patience, thoughtful precision and telling us to shut up once in a while, we needed that.”