A Minimony I hear you ask? What’s a Minimony?

Photography: www.ettphotography.co.uk

It’s a mini-ceremony of course! The idea was launched in an interview I did with Becky Hoh-Hale at A Most Curious Wedding Fair a couple of weeks ago. Take a look at the video clip here where I explain all about Humanist ceremonies and the Minimony offer: Dawn at A Most Curious Wedding Fair

My response to Covid

My true response to Covid is unprintable. It has cut through all our lives like a hot knife through butter, caused tears, anguish, heartache and frustration in relation to ceremonies that were already booked. And extreme uncertainty in the market about booking future dates. I had 38 ceremonies booked in 2020. I have only completed one!

Covid has demanded that everyone working in the wedding industry has had to think again. And again.

I have spent hours and hours on the phone and Zoom to my couples, working through alternative strategies, whether to cancel, postpone, reduce the scope of what had been planned.

In the end I got so fed up with Covid second-guessing every chess-board move we were making that I decided to take charge. Watch out world when I take charge!

The offer?

My offer is a Minimony. A miniature ceremony that means you don’t have to cancel the date – instead, you just add another at minimal cost. I will perform a ceremony on the date you have planned for 2021. If there are no Covid restrictions then hoo-frikkin-ray. However if there are, we can still go ahead with the ceremony witnessed by the number of guests allowed.


We also plan a second ceremony for the future when we are Covid and restriction-free. Imagine a celebration party with all your guests and more. Music, lights, dancing. And in the middle somewhere, we repeat your ceremony so that everyone who should have been there can surround you with love and witness it – just as you wanted them to – everyone can join in and celebrate. It’s a sort of two-for-one offer. And I get two lots of wine and two lots of cake. Scrummy.


There is no catch. That’s the point. If you remember, when we first spoke. before Covid ever started, I said that as your celebrant I am committed to you having the best day for the best reason, with the best people and the best love surrounding you. Well now you can have it twice. If you have a second ceremony we just need to confirm: that we agree between us what is the second date, that you are happy to pay a small additional fee if the ceremony is more than 50 miles away from me plus mileage.


You CAN have your ceremony on your chosen date. And you CAN have a second ceremony if the first is restricted by Covid regulations. And you CAN have your cake and eat it – don’t listen to your mother!