Maria and Mike’s Humanist wedding was Country and Western, from start to finish. We had a cut-out Dolly Parton, there were plenty of cowboy boots and lace-ties in evidence, tequila shots, an old Chevy meant the bride and bridesmaid Isabella made a spectacular entrance!

The venue at Curds Hall Barn was made for this wedding style. We had family vows between Maria, Mike and Isabella, jokes and loads of laughing. In fact laughing was the second motif of the day (the first was always going to be ‘that dress’)…. and the most memorable was Mike forgetting the rings (he’d left them in his coat) and did an elegant run upstairs to retrieve them and returned to rapturous applause!

Gorgeous from start to finish with fabulous photos by AuroraGrey

The feedback wasn’t bad either – from the couple…..

From the first time we met you we knew you were the celebrant for us – to the extent that when we had to move our wedding due to covid, we moved it around your available dates and we absolutely made the right choice to do so!
We really enjoyed the process of getting to know you and thinking back over ‘our story’ in order to pull together the perfect ceremony.  The most common thing our guests have said to us is ‘I’ve never been to a wedding where I have laughed and cried so much’.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect response from everyone!
The ceremony set the tone for the day – love, laughter and a laid back vibe – just what we had asked for and that is what you helped create so thank you.  Also huge thanks for making Isabella feel so involved in the wedding – a difficult balance to achieve but you did this perfectly.  You could tell from the reaction of our guests that they thought you were awesome but countless people have also said this to me directly too. 
Lastly – the rehearsal was absolutely the best thing we could have done.  It was important to me to hold my emotions together on the day and I really think this made all the difference to me being able to do so.  My mum and sister however didn’t do so well lol!!!  
Again, thank you Dawn, we will always be grateful to you for playing such a significant part in our perfect day

and from the guests…….