What’s the point of being in love? It makes you happy, that’s the point. Today I have travelled on 4 different trains over 5 hours, and fetched up in Stockton on Tees where I am working over the next couple of days.

Open suitcase, hang clothes on hanger, get work stuff out and in helpful piles. Charge computer. Book cab for tomorrow.

What’s this? Ahhhhhhhh. A card. And some chocolate. My gorgeous man has sneaked something in my case when I wasn’t watching. He is quietly romantic. No broad sweeps of high expressed emotion. Just consistent love, support, respect, encouragement, tolerance and kindness for the past 35 years. He makes me happier. And in return I want to make him happier! That’s how love works.

I might be away from home on Valentine’s day but I feel the love. It makes me happy.

(oh…. yes…. I know. I cheated. I opened the card 2 days early! But I know that he knew I would open it and smile!).