Voewood House, Holt, Norfolk

Hi, this week has been pretty full-on. I’ve had four wedding enquiries, three Facetime conversations about weddings, run a two day leadership programme in the frozen North, endured ludicrous shenanigans on public transport – mostly trains – travelled 15 miles and most of which amounted to the there-and-back journey including a 4 hour traffic jam.

Today was a lovely day. The sun shone. I met a very special couple this morning and never have I heard a man express his love to his love so clearly. I brought me to tears. We are planning a gorgeous day in the summer at the seaside. That’s all I’m saying at the moment. Shtum!

I’ve also been to a wake for a dear friend today, where I met up with other dear friends, found myself saying yet again “we must not leave it so long next time” – but I really meant it. Good friends are a rare commodity.

Then I met another crazy couple with crazy ideas about their wedding later in the year that set my brain spinning in excitement.

On to Urban Jungle for some R&R and wandering amongst the plants, just getting myself back in the zone after my full-on week. And now I am home and I am thinking about dinner. Probably chick peas with roasted peppers and chorizo. A dandelion and spinach salad and maybe a spot of chillied cornbread. Those who know me have been complaining because my food blog – Hecichera – has become a bit of a hostage to fortune to weddings and vow renewals. I will try and rectify that, with tonight’s top culinary tips and also tomorrow, with progress on Ange and Wil’s wedding cake. Ange and Wil are currently on a two month pre-moon in the Far East prior to their ceremony at Voewood next month. #watchthisspace #gonnabegorgeous.

Next week I’m meeting Adam and Laura (plus 2 dogs and a puppy) in south London. I am promised cake and puppy cuddles! And also Christina and Mark at The Grange at St Paul’s which has become my go-to place for meeting couples in London. The rest of the week is mostly fun, too. I am meeting Katharine at College Farm in Thomson – we keep talking to one another on Instagram – but Adam and Laura are having their wedding there so we thought we might as well have some cake and do a bit of plotting for that lovely wedding in May. Yikes, it’s only 11 weeks away! I am mostly office based this week – and will be coaching clients by Skype in London, Germany and New Zealand during the week. And waiting for my buddy to arrive for the week-end and planning a very special dinner for eight next Saturday.

Busy. Busy. Busy!