The Cayman Islands – communication is everything no matter where you live

Communication is everything. Especially when you are in the Cayman Islands!! When you work with a Humanist celebrant the choice should not only about whether you like the sound of me but whether you are confident we will communicate well. Even at a distance.

Last night I spoke to a gorgeous couple in the Caymans. Oh how I wish they were wanting their wedding out there. But no. It was not to be.

About 20% of my couples live elsewhere. Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Chile, New Zealand. Sometimes the couple live on different continents too. One of the most common questions is ‘how do we make this work when we can’t even sit in the same room together?” And that’s not just about the couple, it’s about working with the celebrant too!

You don’t need to worry. It works. Believe me. We Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, we email, we text. It’s not that different to living in the next town really.


Communication is everything – first there is the vibe. Do we ‘get’ one another? If we do then we’re on a roll. Then there’s the method. What works best for you? We test it out. Then there’s the frequency. We need to communicate often enough to keep it real but without you feeling that I’m living with you! Then there’s the questions. In my other life I am an executive coach. I ask great questions! Ones that dig deep and get to the ‘real you’. Then there’s the writing. I write drafts and you comment on them. That way we craft your ceremony together until we get it right.

Finally there’s the little drops of magic.

That’s where intuition comes in. I follow my intuition and sometimes ask you the craziest of questions. And get your crazy answers. That’s what creates the magic in a ceremony. Getting to who you are inside so your guests recognise who I’m talking about when I conduct your ceremony.

And that’s about great communication!