Coronovirus update.

From a celebrant’s perspective the emotions of celebrants have pretty much followed those of our couples. UP. DOWN. UP. DOWN.

This is just to reassure everyone that I am still here and still being as flexible as I can in this difficult time. Celebrants are not immune from Covid though! My Covid precautions are:

+ I will always abide by the latest Covid guidance – to keep everyone safe

+ I will always stay in contact with you – regularly and helpfully but not intrusively – even if you have postponed your celebrantion

+ I will always keep you up to date with where we are and what we need to do for your ceremony, no matter how small it is

+ I remain committed to being your celebrant in the best of times and in the worst of times

+ You can stay in touch with what I am up to on Instagram and on my weddings Facebook pages – they are updated nearly every day

+ You can contact me whenever you want and at any time (well apart from pyjama time!)

+ If you want to change your date or alter your ceremony just ring me or email me to check whether the new date you want is available

Never be in any doubt whatsoever that the reason you chose me as your celebrant is the reason why I am sticking around…. we will get through all this, come out the other side and have a fantastic celebration when the time is right!