Would you do a baby naming for us?  Yes, I said.  Annnndddd……. would you do a surprise Humanist wedding too?  I LOVE surprises, I say. Who do you want to surprise? Everyone, they said!

The plan was to have a wonderful naming ceremony for the little chap (no photo’s, I don’t do photos of children on this site) who was named from a dream, with grandad and dad’s names too.  It was so very simple and so beautiful.  Readings by grandparents and ‘odd-parents’ and the story of his beginning by his lovely parents. Then special candles were lit to shine a light on this wonderful child and to symbolise the joy he brings to the family and the commitment of his whole family to his lovely little life.  A joy from start to finish.

Where does the wedding fit in?

Well, it was a conspiracy between the bride and groom, me and the bride’s sister.  The idea was that once the guests had mingled a bit and had a drink after the naming, I would recall them to the ceremony room, which was bedecked in rainbow colours from the naming ceremony. Then to announce the ‘surprise’ element. Along the lines of “Well as you are here, you’ve had the baby naming, we might as well complete the deal with the wedding too!!”  You should have seen the faces…….  surprise, excitement, tears, agog, disbelief and joy. All in one.

Then: Cue music:  in walks Helen in her gorgeous gown and Martin was waiting for her with a grin as wide as the world.  We had a very simple wedding ceremony, enhanced by handfasting and another candle lighting ceremony.  This time four candles were lit from the little chaps candle by Helen and Martin and their mums and those four candles stood guard around his.  It was spellbinding, simple and beautiful.  They walked out to a thunderous I Believe in a Thing Called Love by  The Darkness.  We certainly did after that emotional roller-coaster of an afternoon!

Afterwards the guests were invited to write messages to the little chap in a lovely book which will be given to him on his 18th birthday. Such a lovely thing to do. And finally there was fizz and more cake. Perfect!