A wedding with wellies, on a glamping site plus a wonderful tradition borrowed from Romania. It is going to be so exciting. Let’s hope for good weather otherwise I’ll be wearing my glamorous wellies (I have a stock of ‘celebrant’ wellies ranging from sparkly, to leopard print with chunky heels, cute little red ankle boots and normal big green ones – depending on the day – but there is always a pair in the boot (!) of my car. Spare boots and spare shoes are a celebrant’s ‘must-do’.

Glamping wedding

Glamping and outdoor weddings are fun, informal and make the most of everyone’s talents – from tent erecting, to outdoor cooking, to decorating with flowers, ribbons, lanterns, tree-houses.

Next week’s wedding is going to be a corker. I’m not going to reveal it – but it will be lovely.  Watch this space!