Hamswell House near Bath – a magnificent venue for a magnificent ceremony for David and Divia.

David and Divia chose Hamswell House near Bath for their outdoor humanist wedding ceremony and we spent most of the day outside under a perfectly blue sky and under this magnificent lime tree.

This was a wedding a long time in the making – another late wedding post-Covid. The groom and his groomsmen were resplendent in their kilts and sporans. The bride’s backless gown was so elegant. I loved working with them both – so calm and understated. So unlike me! When I arrived – as always I am at least an hour early for every ceremony – I was jumping about all by myself. I took my shoes off and walked round the grounds (see gallery below) and gazed at the view. With the house built in 1573 behind me and the Cotswold Hills ahead of me, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Divia’s heritage is Russian via Vancouver, and so we incorporated a bread and salt element into the ceremony to signify that the couple will always prosper and have food on the table. David’s mother did the reading and their friends had helped me write a very personal ceremony for the couple, including lots of anecdotes, memories and funny stories. The Carodag String Quartet provided a beautiful musical backdrop.§§§§§§§

The bride and groom were definitely the stars of the show……. however the dog guest became a star in her own right. (See photos below). And is a beautiful venue important? Not in itself, no. But choosing a venue that enhances the ‘feel’ of your wedding is always a good idea. Be it formal or laid-back.