Humanist wedding ceremonies are even planned on Dartmoor!
Humanist wedding ceremonies are even planned whilst walking on Dartmoor!

Weddings. vow renewals. Namings. What’s happening? It’s more about what hasn’t been happening? We appear to have a veritable explosion of ceremonies emerging, with couples enquiring and booking ahead for 2020 and 2021. It’s a love fest!

Humanist ceremony bookings? Coming on strong. Three weeks have gone in a blur of wedding preparation, wedding writing, meeting couples, wedding run-through’s (rehearsal to the uninitiated!) and choreography planning. Choreography? Contact me for more detail!

You might have thought I simply fetch up at a wedding and deliver it. Nothing can be further from the truth. Planning, planning, detail, detail…… from the ceremony order, to who is sitting where, who’s carrying the rings, who’s reading, where will the couple stand so everyone can see, the layout of the ceremony site if it is outside; not to mention timing the walk-in and walk-out music and checking the sound system is up-to-scratch. Oh. And small children….. checking how many, who’s likely to run off, who’s likely to want to wander up to the bride and groom and join in. You name it. We plan for it!

In between all this we had a little break in Cornwall – wall to wall sunshine, Tate St Ives, sitting outside late afternoon drinking wine, anyone would’ve thought we were in Spain. Which we will be in June….. more of that later. Dartmoor in March was, however, spectacular. As was Alan’s cider. Cheers!

Tate St Ives