Oh Eadie Rae – you stole the Humanist naming show! A Humanist naming ceremony is just the best way of welcoming your little one to the world

Eadie Rae’s Humanist naming ceremony was at grandma’s gaff The Flint Room   in Norwich.

The Flint Room is a perfect venue for a non-religious Humanist ceremony – and it fitted us all beautifully. It was original, quirky, beautiful, spacious, highly individual.

Eadie Rae was named after her great grandma Edith and great grandpa Ray. When she was born her dad Rob told her mum Lori – it’s a girl, and she looks like an Eadie Rae. So she became!

The ceremony was full of love and laughter, Pimms, dancing, and a special song composed and sung for her by Olly and Amelia – at which point Eadie Rae decided to sit in the guitar case and her little friend was dancing in the aisle. Grandma Lindsay wrote a special greeting and Eadie Rae had a ‘Guide Tribe’ of ten. Yes ten! Who all promised to keep her safe, have fun with her and help her meet her boyfriends when her dad is resisting the idea! Instead of signing the Commemorative Naming Certificate, they put their names against their fingerprints. Indelibly marking their commitment to her for life. What a lucky girl.

Eadie-Rae, as you grow, you will find you are held, protected, loved and blessed by the people that love you

      All your senses will be awakened by those that care about you

      We will help you keep your heart open, so you  can feel compassion for others

      We will protect you so that you can reach out into the world

      We will help you stay connected to this earth and stand on your own two feet

      We will encourage you to explore your world  from the safe place which is your home

      We will guide you, you will never be alone

      You are deeply loved, and your presence brings us joy

      The world is yours to explore and home is the place to which you can always return.