Sharon and Paul renew their vows after 25 years together

Humanist vow renewals are becoming more popular. Before I became a Humanist celebrant I don’t think I knew one person who had a vow renewal celebration. As a Humanist celebrant, vow renewals comprise about 30% of my ceremony enquiries, which has always surprised me.

I don’t know whether it’s because we are all thinking about what a thin line we run during Covid times. Maybe we appreciate each other more. Maybe renewing your vows is something you’ve often thought about and now you’ve had more time to think, the idea has come bubbling the the surface again.

Renewing your vows might be about an affirmation, it might be an expression of hope and commitment; it might follow a major life event or illness or might simply be because you are a hopeless romantic and want to do the wedding thing all over again! whatever your reasons you can read my top ten tips for renewing your vows on the Humanists UK website. Why not take a look at my blog on the Humanists UK website.

Alex and Andy renewed their vows after 13 years. It was a ’13 reasons why’ sort of occasion!