Reymerston Hall in Norfolk is a brand-new high-end wedding venue, with beautiful grounds, tons of space and an elegant ceremony space. Plus rooms for the wedding guests.

Paul and Rachel had the honour of being the first ever wedding there, and it was a truly gorgeous day. It was simple, elegant, and very ‘them’. They added their own touches to the decor, candles, paintings, flowers and gorgeous table decorations. To be honest I don’t know how Rachel was still standing on the day itself!

A wedding where you do a lot of the grafting yourself, takes careful planning. And resilience.

So if this is your plan – make sure you start planning early as Rachel and Paul did. And commandeer lots of trustworthy and reliable friends. Have people who can source special elements for you, and have plenty of helpers on hand the day before. Never, never underestimate how long things take to get ‘right’.

It was a triumph – both of design, beauty and sincerity. I loved it. And well done Reymerston Hall, too. Great venue!