Humanist wedding ceremonies held outside are fabulous, but what about when the weather doesn’t behave and we have to change plans quickly? Everything is possible!

Humanist wedding outside became inside!

Christina and Mark’s Humanist wedding ceremony at a unique and spectacular private house – The Dragon House at Belle Grove in Westhall  – was planned as an outdoor event. To be honest as the hail hammered on the roof of my wedding van 15 minutes before we were due to start, it didn’t look promising!

Hooray for the best men and friends, because after I made a mad dash to the house and launched myself through the front door, with my umbrella dripping all over the floor, I found that Jo, Jim and Yoms and Co had made an executive decision and moved everything-ceremony from the garden and into the capacious, colourful, vibrant warmth of this marvellous private house. Flowers and mirrors were moved, sofas pushed back, tables and rugs re-sited.

Mark, Yoms and Jim who brought the outside inside.

The guests had come from all over Europe and France, Spain and Italy. Christina’s sister Paola read Leonard Cohen’s Dance me to the End of Love with Luca and the handsome and poised Luca walked her in to Sakomoto Blue. If you click the link, you will get how perfect was that music! In fact, why not play it whilst you read this? The room was full of family and friends who were lighthearted about the quick change of plan regarding the venue.

To say the room went silent as Christina entered with Luca, is to understate it. I heard Mark draw in a breath. He wasn’t the only one.

Mark and Christina

This wedding was so stylish and understated. It had dignity and beauty. It was serene (until the party). My memory of it contains images of deep colours, the backdrop of the fireplace, a large mirror, Christina’s flowers and head-dress, Mark’s tears, the personalised vows, candles and flowers, and love – all reflected in the mirrors around the room.

The bride looked stunning. The groom was gorgeous. The three attendants were perfect. Bruce the five year-old ring bearer was faultless. Jo and Nick, Jim and Tatiana were exemplary and generous hosts.

As a Humanist wedding celebrant, it doesn’t get much better than this. A week-end of wedding contrasts – this wedding was peaceful and calm; the wedding the day after was wild! Such beautiful memories of both, and it demonstrates how totally individual are Humanist wedding ceremonies. They can contain fun, dignity, loud singing and quiet reflection – because each one is tailored to the couple. And the feedback was stupendous!