Emma and Nick’s Humanist wedding at Voewood House

As a Humanist wedding celebrant I sure get to work in some stunning venues. This is my third visit for an outdoor wedding at Voewood House    

The last time was Angie and Wil’s wedding in March. This time it was meant to be full-summer. Until the rains came down. The day before the run-through there was a breathless text from Emma.

We’ve hired a stretch tent!!

She said. Good idea, I thought, shivering in my camping plot a few miles away!

Were we daunted? No we were not! This was a mountaineering, bouldering, climbing sort of wedding. Guests came from all over the world, but particularly the climbing fraternity of Sheffield, ready with crampons, pitons, bivvies, tents, VDubs. They’re used to the elements. However this is Norfolk. If they were looking for height, the highest they would get is 338ft above sea level. They must have been disappointed!

Emma, Nick, mums and dads, aunties, and their friends, and the climbers – in fact everyone – pitched in. Here they are, plotting, ticking things off lists, counting cups and saucers. Putting up stretch tents….

But we had such fun. A run-through is essential in my book so on Friday afternoon we proceeded to herd the cats to the ceremony spot. The bridesmaids were beside themselves with excitement and not concentrating at all. It was only during the wedding that I could see what they had planned. Crazy cats!

Emma and Nick were so happy and so I left them to the mayhem of bunting, glasses, tables, flowers, lights, big gold stars, sound systems and retreated to my campsite.

The next morning it chucked it down from about 07.30 until about an hour before the ceremony. Then the skies cleared and we were off. Guests milled around, admiring the beauty and versatility of Voewood House. We checked the sound system. The guests assembled under the stretch tent and we had a stunning view right back through the garden waiting for the bridal party. Poor Nick. He – in his own words – was a broken man before his bride ever appeared. All of a sudden it was overwhelming.

In she came, through the garden – stunning vintage gown, preceded by the crazy cats and accompanied by her mum and dad. Nick had used ALL my tissues by the time Emma arrived!. Even squidgy hugs and kisses couldn’t stem the tears!

And so I told their love story. Their friends heckled. We sang “Stand by Me”, Emma and Nick wrote and said their own vows, and the crazy cats really came into their own not only during the ceremony

but also as the bride and groom walked out. As you can see! Apologies for the lack of sound. View on my YouTube channel!

A Humanist wedding at the stunning Voewood House.
The bride and groom walk out followed by the crazy cats.

And after it was all over. We sighed. And Nick was still tearful. Everyone was happy. It was a blast from start to finish. Humanist weddings. Win every time