Humanist weddings offer you infinite choice. So why not include animals and children in your ceremony? For many couples their animals are as much part of their relationship with their partner as their children or their home.  Last year animals included Nibs the Bengal cat and Crumpet the neat little terrier, Rex the Irish Wolfhound, Orla the magnificent grey mare and Jill the Shetland pony all featured in wedding plans.

What I know works beautifully is an owl ring bearer. Owls add a touch of magic, mystery, broad beaming smiles and the element of surprise to a ceremony. and at the same time they are dignified and somehow aloof which is a beautiful contrast to the intensity of emotion that emerges  during ceremonies.  The Owl Ring Bearer Company in Harleston, Norfolk offers such a service (other owl ring bearers are available!)

Nibs the bengal cat was trained as a ring bearer, but I don’t hold out much hope and I was right! Orla the grey carried the bride to the gate where the she dismounted. Crumpet walked through the garden with ma and pa and the grandchildren – complete with flowers in his collar. Jill the Shetland pony wasn’t sufficiently reliable to walk amongst the guests (!) so she from the next field. Rex the Irish Wolfhound stood with me during the ceremony, and between Rachel and Mark when they took their vows.

Nothing need be ruled out when planning your wedding – all things are possible!