Paul and Naomi. Love lost. Love found. Image credit:

Naomi and Paul met at school. Then they lost touch. Then later in life they found one another and it was as if time rolled back on itself.

Their May wedding was everything they wanted it to be. The weather held out, it was in the garden of Paul’s brother with loads of space for everyone. They wrote their own vows and included their children and their grand children. And we had a symbolic hand-tying that included their children.

Their ceremony was a masterpiece of understatement – and yet it made such a statement!

Whilst there I was so excited that the photographer was Boo Marshall who was the photographer at my first ever Humanist wedding.

Even though the wedding was not intended to be riotous or showy, it still needed planning. And delivery was important. Naomi was the mistress of the spreadsheet and everything ran to plan. Even the rain held off! And a generous guest made a lovely comment at the end which really made my day.

Here’s a gallery of some of my photos, and also some from Boo.