Rainy day weddings…… What to do when it’s an outdoor ceremony, the forecast is sun, but the black clouds loom?  This was the conundrum of the day.  It is always good to have a contingency plan if you want an outdoor ceremony (75% of my ceremonies booked for 2017 are outside).  In this case there was an alternative – to all decamp to the barn (but the barn was not decorated and the chairs would all need to be moved).  

The couple categorically did not want an ‘arbour’ which can help in these situations.  The only alternative – as the weather looked like it would hold just long enough – was to carry on but to prime Uncle Reg who had a big umbrella.  Predictably, just as my lovely couple were about to take their vows, the rain started pattering down.  Uncle Reg then came into his own.

Proudly – as I caught his eye – he stood up, straightened his jacket and came up and stood behind us with his enormous blue and white striped umbrella.  It was a perfect moment.   And he had a bird’s eye view of the couple promising to love one another to eternity.

Collective ahhhhhhhhh!

Practical note:

  • always have umbrellas handy for outdoor ceremonies
  • have a few towels stashed away to wipe down wet seats
  • keep your confetti in a dry place
  • wellington boots sometimes come in handy!
  • think about simple decorations for your ‘alternative indoor venue’