Rachel and Hugh’s Humanist wedding ceremony at The Larmer Tree was jaw-achingly, heart-breakingly, romance-makingly magnificent.





From start to finish it was a joy. The setting, the suppliers, the planning, the run-through, the brass band, the Roman temple backdrop, the musicians and singers; just all of it really.



My stand-out memories?



  • the beauty of the gardens at The Larmer Tree
  • the guests were such fun, they laughed and cried in all the right places!
  • the father of the bride who hugged me at the end and said he had never been to a wedding like it
  • the musicians – from talented friends, to singing students, to the surprise brass band
  • the look on Rachel’s face as she walked in with her dad and didn’t take her eyes off Hugh for one second
  • the look on Hugh’s face as Rachel walked towards him; it was as if he couldn’t believe this was happening
  • the shared little glances and smiles between the three of us during the ceremony itself
  • the groom’s cousin who gave me the BEST video clip in a long time (see below!)



The list is actually spectacularly long but it would be rude to go on about how much I enjoyed myself and how much the guests laughed. And cried.