Wedding flowers. What you need is someone who knows what they are talking about. More than that – just like Milly J’s shoes last week – you need someone who can really listen and who has the ability to interpret what you say into something truly incredible. What you need is Myrtle and the Bee. Who you need is Sharon Pointen.

Floral design

Myrtle and the Bee is an extraordinary floral design business for couples who are anything but ordinary! Based in Briston in North Norfolk, Sharon takes selected commissions every year so that she has the time to build a relationship with you and makes floral arrangements that reflect who you are. She tells stories through flowers, creates mood-boards with you to make sure you’re both going in the same direction and she’s a bit of a sentimentalist on the quiet – finding ways to incorporate family memories and special people into her art.

We met on another cold day at Voewood House. Her floral display brought me to a complete standstill. Huge, circular, hellebore, eryngium, ivy and ferns – it was so subtle and yet arresting. I fell in love with her flowers from that point. Since then we have had a few high-jinks with other Norfolk suppliers, doing joint Instagram Lives and had fun (not!) juggling with the wi-fi signal in Norfolk. Here are some top tips from Sharon.

Ribbon-tied posy by Myrtle and the Bee

Top tips for wedding flowers

An intimate wedding means your flower budget is likely to go further! This gives you the perfect opportunity to make a real statement with your flowers. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of walking through a meadow or a beautiful archway, or perhaps you dream about a room full of roses.

Rather than having several smaller table displays you could choose a fabulous floral installation, making your dining and setting truly luxurious.

Nostalgia is a wonderful component of any wedding and particularly emotive at this time. From the types of flowers, the way they link to memories of relatives, a fragrance or maybe a place or time special to the couple – flowers can enhance the atmosphere you imagine creating.

With more than a passing nod to sustainability – floristry and flowers don’t have to be on fancy stands but can instead use very simple domestic containers, vases or incorporate personal momentoes from family members and are a great way to personalise your wedding day.

So if you are looking for a florist who is much, much more than a flower arranger – talk to Sharon at Myrtle and the Bee!

Sharon Pointen – Myrtle and the Bee