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Wedding planners? Who needs them? You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard couples say this. Working on this theme I have been developing – you know, the one about Norfolk wonderful and wicked wedding suppliers – may I present to you the one, the only and the inimitable One Curious Dream?

Look at it this way. You lead busy lives. You’re working more than full time. Your mother has strong opinions. Best friend thinks she knows best. Brother is having a strop. All of a sudden it doesn’t feel like you are fulfilling your dream – you’re fulfilling everyone else ‘s dream! Suppliers are in dispute, you don’t know what size marquee to order, do you need a dance floor, what about the sound system, and how many bottles of bubbles? What if the flowers don’t arrive, what if your zip breaks, what if your granny is late, what (good grief!) if your partner forgets the rings?

Your wedding planner will make everything flow so you don’t have to worry. They do more, much more, than you can ever imagine. I swear their brains are twice as big as the inside of my MAC. I thought my contacts book was good but Jo’s is really impressivo! Need a confetti pony? An owl ring-bearer? A massive chandelier? A wedding artist? Baclava from Turkey? Fresh figs? Ask Jo!

I’ll bet that Jo Pyman was born creative. She heads up One Curious Dream. She’s just moved house. Is she calm? Yes! She’s calm! Calm is her middle name. Whe even managed to send me her top tips the week after moving!

The trademarks of One Curious Dream wedding planning are relationship, integrity, imagination and rulebook free. Take a look at their website and you’ll see what I mean.

Jo knows. Here are her top tips. #bemoreJo !

Top Tips

Find the silver linings

In a climate that is currently full of uncertainty, particularly for the world of weddings, so many couples are being forced to switch-up their wedding plans. Whether you’ve already decided to postpone your wedding to a later date or have chosen to continue with your wedding plans on a much smaller scale, the important thing is to try and stay positive and find the silver lining – trust us; it will exist! Whilst we know that it’s been an incredibly difficult time for so many couples who were/are planning to get married this year, many of our wedding planning clients have found some small, unexpected positives where they least expected to! For example, having delayed their wedding by 15 months, one of our couples is now able to save additional funds to hire a wedding videographer and add an extra course to their wedding breakfast. Another has found that proceeding with a smaller scale wedding next year actually feels better for them, having wanted something more intimate, to begin with! No matter how tough the decisions you are facing feel, keep on looking forwards!

Keep those wedding plans moving

Regular readers of the One Curious Dream blog will know that we are constantly reminding couples to keep their wedding plans moving. Yes, we totally understand that the world might seem like a scarily uncertain place right now, but the reality is that couples do still want to get married, and weddings will always take place. As Wedding Planners, we’ve postponed all of our 2020 couples to 2021 and beyond (even as far ahead as 2023!) so, we know that venue and supplier availability across the next couple of seasons is very tight. As you can imagine, with so many 2020 couples now getting married next year instead, lots of wedding venues and suppliers are already booked across peak dates. So, if you do have an amazing wedding venue or supplier in mind (including a fantastic wedding planner – hint, hint!), NOW is the time to reach out and get the ball rolling with assembling your dream wedding team.