Combining Sri Lankan and English traditions in Hannah and Isuru’s small and intimate Humanist vow renewal ceremony last week meant we created a totally personal, romantic and heartfelt atmosphere.

At St Peter’s Hall in deepest Suffolk, they renewed their vows to one another after five years of marriage. Why so soon? Because they were married in Sri Lanka after a whirlwind romance, then were separated by oceans for many, many months. Only now are they able to be reunited, and their ceremony meant that their UK family could be there this time, and add their blessings.

Isuru lost many of his family members in the tsunami in 2004. We remembered them with lighted candles during the ceremony. We also tied their fingers with white ribbon, washed their hands with water, they fed one another coconut rice cake, and I turned them round three times in a clockwise direction.

Isuru shed a tear as his bride entered the ancient marriage room at St Peter’s Hall. Hannah shed tears when they both renewed their vows.

There were many small details that made it so special – the silver turtles and seahorses on the ribbons, Hannah’s grandparents performing the water ritual, Hannah’s dad reading a beautiful SriLankan poem; Isuru’s face as Hannah entered, the intimacy of just 25 guests in the last light of the day, the candles.

Never to be forgotten. It was very special. Point and Click Photography captured the moments perfectly and were very generous and practically inconspicuous – that’s a real skill in a small room.