Fran and Dan just before they signed their Humanist ceremonies commemorative certificate

Voewood House – oh how I wish I lived there. Every single room is a delight. Enough room to sleep over 20, enough space for a party of 120 indoors – more if you have a stretch tent out in the garden. You’ve become my second home and I love you! Enough!

Fran and Dan made a great choice – and it was so special to welcome relatives from far away and Dan’s family from Ireland. Reunited at last!

We had an outdoor wedding in the formal garden and the day was perfect. The gardens were looking splendid and with the house as a backdrop, it was a pretty dramatic setting.

Dan’s sister sang opera (Vieni, vieni o mio diletto (Come, come my delight) from the opera Ercole su’l Termodonte by Vivaldi) – not a dry eye in the house. A beautiful element (and a first for me in a ceremony) is the couple’s request to include Statements of Gratitude in the ceremony – read by their friends. There was poetry, personal vows and tons and tons of love. Beautiful day. Beautiful couple.

Another first for me was Jo – had been a guest at a ceremony I had conducted the week before. I pride myself on always writing fresh and personalised ceremony for every couple, it was great to have her affirmation that this was indeed the case!

And Nikki agreed but she had another take on love being part of our lives so we should celebrate life as well as love!