Vow renewals are a simple way of saying ‘I still love you’

Vow renewal is becoming more popular and the number one reason is that they still love one another. Renewing your vows gives you the opportunity to take stock, refresh, renew your commitment and make a statement about the love you share.

Some feel that their original wedding ceremony belonged to their parents, not to them.

Some say that they were too young to promise the things they promised and they now feel sufficiently ‘grown up’ to repeat them with meaning.

Some express regret that they never got to say what they really wanted to say on that day.

Others feel that whatever the ensuing period between original vows and renewal of vows, their feelings have strengthened, their partnerships is more meaningful and has stood the test of time.

A few have experienced really tough times and they have come through it thankful and enlivened.

A small number have nearly lost one another – through neglecting one another, through illness, accidents and traumas – but have ‘found’ one another again.

So many are bowled over with the love they encounter in middle and late middle age, renewed love and commitment coming as a surprise to them. And a delight.

Working with couples on their vow renewals is a huge responsibility – to make sure that the story I tell is authentic, to convey the real meaning of this day to them, to maintain a sense of dignity and to control my own emotions and to ensure that their day is a significant marker – and revealing the strength of the human spirit and the enduring nature of love finding a way through all that life throws at us.  I think I love vow renewals best of all.