How do you choose a wedding photographer whose work t will reflect who you are?

Mary Doggett and me? We fit like a hand in a glove. She’s one of those instinctive people who know just where to be. She is practically invisible when she’s working (unlike some photographers) and she loves a collaboration and a walk with her dog Rosie. So we always walk and talk and drink coffee and eat cake before a ceremony and I tell her what we will be doing and the unusual elements of the ceremony. Because there are always unusual elements. To say ‘then she just points and clicks away’ is to totally undersell what she does. Her images are astronishing. Here are a couple of top tips from Mary.

Top tip photography

Top tips from a great photogapher. Mary Doggett is based in Norwich and we often work together. Sometimes we go out and do photos just for fun. Mary will offer a pre-wedding shoot for you and make it a really special event.

Choose a location that holds special memories foryou. It could be as simple as your favourite dog-walking park, or the camp-site they stayed at one rain-sodden weekend which ended up in a soggy, but very romantic, proposal; or the house you are in the middle of renovating when wedding plans zoomed over the horizon and totally eclipsed the choices of tile or tap!

The important thing is that it’s your choice. You call the shots, this matters so much when everything else you’ve planned for has been curtailed during Covid. Mary extends the shoot time to make up for the limited duration of the ceremony. 

Maximise the opportunities that Covid has given you to create unique images.

For example, at Norwich Castle, Chris and Jenny were re-routed through to the ceremony room via the side entrance. This route took in the Natural History rooms with their ancient collection of stuffed wild animals and birds, as well as a gallery full of teapots in glass-fronted cabinets. The lighting en route was amazing and the photographs unique. Restricted numbers also added to the intimacy; the people attending were the family and friends the couple really wanted to be at their wedding – special by definition.  Rounded off with the ubiquitous face-mask group portrait, it makes these photographs original, and historic documents of the age. 

Chris and Jenny re-routed to the Register Office via the Norwich Castle Museum permanent collection! Look behind you!

You will have overcome all obstacles to get married, so celebrate that in your images. 

Make the most of those Covid masks!