Oh the absolute joy! A wedding in a museum to neon! God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow!

Oh the absolute joy! When your friend and fellow Humanist Celebrant Anna Bailey chooses you to be her celebrant when she married Alex!

I’ll keep this brief, because it was a riot – the venue was fabulous: vibrant, bright, noisy, stuffed full of friends and family. We had singing, a fair bit of dancing, and lots and lots of laughing. And a little bit of crying.

We had personal vows and funny memories. We had a handfasting with a Walthamstow FC scarf, one of Alex’ mum’s scarves and one of his dad’s ties. We had hugs and kisses, beer and loads of chat outside.

Never to be forgotten. Not all weddings are solemn occasions – just watch the video for evidence!. In fact most of my ceremonies are unlikely ever to be solemn – because couples choose me for the off-beat vibe. I can do solemn. But not for long!